Thank you very much for visiting our site of Japanese traditional B&B hotel "GOSO" classified in the simplicity guest-house or "Minshuku" in Japanese. Our Minshuku is located in Shirahama Town, Minami- Boso City. Shirahama Town lies at the southern-most of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture ,where it is next to Tokyo which is the capital of Japan. We rarely have snow even in winter for the reason of warmly climate all year around. The Pacific is in front of us and the continuous green hills and Tokyo Bay are behind us. We're sure you should feel the comfortable wind, nature, flower fields and some distinctly cultures such as Japanese shrines and temples of which we have a lot. Also, each district has several kinds of events in every season. We are looking forward to your coming to our place and hope you'll be able to appreciate our receptions and dishes, too. When you'd like to see more information for sightseeing and so on, please click and check the site below.  
Representative of "Minshuku GOSO"

PRICE LIST [ One night stay per person except the consumption tax ]

Adult  [ with 2 meals ]  6500yen ( over 13 years old )
     [ no meal ]     3500yen
Child  [ with 2 meals ]  6300yen ( 7-12 years old )
     [ no meal ]     3500yen
Infant [ no meal ]     2500yen ( 3-6 years old )
Baby  [ no meal ]     Free ( under 2 years old )
Dinner            2000yen
Breakfast          1000yen
Drinks & alcohol     150yen~
Bed & breakfast      4500yen (over 7 years old )


Check In    from   15:00
Check Out   by   10:00
Dinner      at    18:00-20:00 (We'd like you to tell us in case if it's unfavorable for your plan.)
Breakfast     at      8:00- 9:00 (We'd like you to tell us in case if it's unfavorable for your plan.)

Notice: We are ready for supply the towels for face washing or taking a shower and toothbrushes at cash.
     However you will be able to use the roomwear or YUKATA for free by request if you'd like.
     We suggest that you'd better bring them with you if possible.


By Car ( The navigation system could be the effective tool. )
①From Tokyo or Narita International Airport : Down the Higashi-Kanto Jidosha-Do Expwy and the Tateyama-Do Expwy along the
 Tokyo Bay to the end of the line named "Tomiura Terminal", where you have to get off and change the way to the ROUTE 127 and
 410. They will lead you to our place about 30 minutes from there.
②From Yokohama or Kanagawa Prefecture : Through the Aqua-Line Expwy which is under the sea of Tokyo Bay after changing from
  the Capital Expwy for Kisarazu and coming into Tateyama-Do Expwy leading you to the end of line, "Tomiura Terminal".
  After that, please look back the same way to the route ①. Also,you can use the same way from Haneda international airport.

By Express Bus
①From the Bus terminal in front of JR Tokyo Station : They originate at Yaesu gateway Bus Stop. Take the bus named Boso-Nanohana-go
 bound for the terminus of Awa-Shirahama, getting off at the last. It takes about 50 meters far from it to GOSO which stands along the street.
②You can also take the bus named Shinjuku-Nanohana-go at BASUTA-Shinjuku, which is departure floor in the terminal building facing the
 south gate of Shinjuku Station . It takes you to the terminus of Tateyama Station, then you'd better change the bus bound for Awa-Shirahama
 or take a taxi from there.
③From the Bus stop in front of JR Chiba Station : Take the bus named Nanso-Satomi-go bound for the terminus of Awa-Shirahama,
 getting off at the last stop. It takes about 50 meters far by walk to get to GOSO.

By Train
 Gettin off at Tateyama Station of the JR Uchibo Line, you can change to the bus bound for Awa-Shirahama where you have to get
 off. It is about 50 meters far to get to GOSO.
 It will also be good for taking a taxi from Tateyama Station.